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SPECIES Lemniscomys zebra

Author:Heuglin, 1864.
Citation:Beit. Zool. Cent.–Afrika’s Leopoldina, 31: 10.
Common Name:Heuglin’s Lemniscomys
Type Locality:Sudan, Bahr el Ghazal (Carleton and Van der Straeten, 1997, provided additional information).
Distribution:"Grassy woodlands and savannas south of the Sahara Desert, from Senegal in the west to southern Sudan in the east, southwards through northeastern-most Zaire [Dem. Rep. Congo], northern Uganda and western Kenya, to northcentral Tanzania;" sea level to 1220 m (Carleton and Van der Straeten, 1997:669). Not yet documented from Ethiopia, although the species probably occurs in the W region of that country (Carleton and Van der Straeten, 1997).
Status:IUCN – Least Concern.
Comments:A member, along with L. barbarus and L. hoogstraali, of the L. barbarus group. Results of morphometric analyses by Carleton and Van der Straeten (1997) distinguished this species from L. barbarus, which is endemic to the Barbarian province (Maghreb) of Northwest Africa. See their comprehensive revision for details of taxonomy, geographic distribution, geographic character variation, and selection of a lectotype (p. 669). Karyotypes documented (usually as L. barbarus) from several geographic samples (Fadda et al., 2001b, NE Tanzania; Gautun et al., 1986, Burkina Faso; Dobigny et al., 2002b, Niger; Matthey, 1954, Côte d’Ivoire; Van der Straeten, in Carleton and Van der Straeten, 1997, Cameroon), all of which have the same diploid number as L. barbarus (2n = 54). Grubb et al. (1998) reviewed populations from Ghana and Gambia. Morphometric and ecological data for sample from S Ghana recorded by Ryan and Attuquayefio (2000, as barbarus).



    albolineatus (Osgood, 1910)
    convictus (Osgood, 1910)
    dunni (Thomas, 1903)
    manteufeli Matschie, 1911
    nigeriae (Thomas, 1912)
    nubalis Thomas and Hinton, 1923
    olga Thomas and Hinton, 1921
    orientalis Hatt, 1935
    oweni Thomas, 1911
    spekei (De Winton, 1897)

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