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SPECIES Apodemus ponticus

Author:Sviridenko, 1936.
Citation:Abs. Works Zool. Inst. Moscow State Univ., 3: 103.
Common Name:Caucasus Field Mouse
Type Locality:N Caucasus, Chernomorski Dist., (Black Sea) Olgino Village.
Distribution:Endemic to the Caucasus, from shore of Azov Sea through the Caucasus (S Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan); see Mezhzherin (1991, 1997a), Orlov et al. (1996a, b), and Vorontsov et al. (1992).
Status:IUCN Ė Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Sylvaemus group. The synonyms have been associated with A. flavicollis (Ellerman and Morrison-Scott, 1951; Harrison and Bates, 1991), but they represent samples of A. ponticus, which is apparently a distinct species (Bobrinskii et al., 1944) defined by chromosomal, allozymic, molecular, and morphological traits that is closely related to A. flavicollis (Chelomina, 1998; Chelomina et al., 1998a, b; Mezhzherin, 1991, 1997a; Orlov et al., 1996a, b; Reutter et al., 2003; Vereshchagin, 1967:510; Vorontsov et al., 1992; Mezhzherinís 1991 report is the most comprehensive). Apodemus flavicollis is absent from most of the Caucasus, and has been reported only from Armenia (Frynta et al., 2001; MacholŠn et al., 2001b). The names argyropuli Ellerman and Morrison-Scott, 1951, and argyropuloi Heptner, 1948 (see Harrison and Bates, 1991), were proposed to replace parvus. Included in Mezhzherinís (1997a) revision of N Eurasian Apodemus. Contrasted with A. arianus and A. argenteus by restriction analysis of nuclear DNA (Chelomina et al., 1995), and with A. witherbyi (as A. fulvipectus) and A. uralensis by comparison of isozymic, chromosomal, and molecular divergence (Chelomina et al., 1998a), and with European and Georgian species by a combination of methodological approaches (Hille et al., 2002). Placed in the superspecies A. flavicollis by Orlov et al. (1996a, b). Reviewed by Gromov and Erbajeva (1995, as fulvipectus).



    argyropuli Ellerman and Morrison-Scott, 1951
    argyropuloi Heptner, 1948
    brevicauda (Sviridenko, 1936)
    parvus Argyropulo, 1941
    persicus Gromov, 1963
    planicola (Sviridenko, 1936)
    samaricus (Sviridenko, 1936)

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