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SPECIES Meriones (Pallasiomys) shawi

Author:Duvernoy, 1842.
Citation:Mem. Soc. Sci. Nancy, 3: 22.
Common Name:Shaw’s Jird
Type Locality:Algeria, Oran.
Distribution:Mediterranean littoral from E Morocco through N Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt to N Sinai, never found more than about 150 mi (240 km) inland (Lay and Nadler, 1969, and references therein; Pavlinov, 2000).
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Subgenus Pallasiomys. A distinctive species that ranges mostly north of M. libycus but is sympatric with it in several regions (Lay and Nadler, 1969; Zaime and Pascal, 1988). The distribution maps of Algerian (Kowalski and Rzebik-Kowalska, 1991) and Egyptian (Osborn and Helmy, 1980) ranges of M. shawi and M. libycus illustrate their geographic relationships–mostly parapatric, but sympatric near the coast. Meriones shawi and M. libycus are often confused in museum collections and published reports (see the reviews by Lay and Nadler, 1969, and Pavlinov et al., 1990). The taxon grandis has traditionally been included in M. shawi but Pavlinov et al. (1990) reviewed grandis as a species and Pavlinov (2000) recorded the morphological traits distinguishing M. grandis from M. shawi; he also documented broad overlap between the two species in E Morocco, N Algeria, and Tunisia (see account of M. grandis).



    albipes Lataste, 1882
    auratus Ranck, 1968
    auziensis Lataste, 1882
    azizi Setzer, 1956
    crassibulla Lataste, 1885
    isis Thomas, 1919
    laticeps Lataste, 1885
    longiceps Lataste, 1885
    richardii (Loche, 1867)
    savii (Loche, 1867)
    sellysii (Pomel, 1856)
    trouessarti Lataste, 1882

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