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SPECIES Meriones (Pallasiomys) grandis

Author:Cabrera, 1907.
Citation:Bol. Real Soc. Espaņola Hist. Nat., Madrid, 7: 175.
Common Name:Moroccan Jird
Type Locality:Morocco, Marrakesh.
Distribution:Mediterranean littoral from Morocco through N Algeria to Tunisia (see Pavlinov, 2000).
Comments:Subgenus Pallasiomys. Moroccan population mapped and reviewed by Aulagnier and Thevenot (1986, as M. shawi). Pavlinov et al. (1990) recognized grandis as a species, but Aulagnier and Thevenot (1986) included it in M. shawi. Geographic ranges of M. shawi and M.grandis broadly overlap through E Morocco, N Algeria, and Tunisia, and examples of both species have been collected at a few locations; see Pavlinov (2000) who revised the species and documented morphometric and other traits distinguishing it from M. shawi. Fragments identified as M. shawi are reported from possible middle Pleistocene sediments at Jebel Irhoud in Morocco (Amani and Geraads, 1993); whether these fossils are shawi or grandis has to be determined.



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