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SPECIES Gerbillus (Hendecapleura) pusillus

Author:Peters, 1879.
Actual Date:1878
Citation:Monatsb. K. Preuss. Akad. Wiss. Berlin, 1879: 201.
Common Name:Least Gerbil
Type Locality:Kenya, Ndi and Kitui.
Distribution:Tanzania (Swynnerton and Hayman, 1951), Kenya, Ethiopia, and S Sudan (Dieterlen and Nikolaus, 1985).
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc) as G. diminutus, G. percivali, G. ruberrimus, and G. pusillus.
Comments:Subgenus Hendecapleura. Roche (1975) united these three synonyms with G. pusillus based upon his study of original descriptions and specimens, and F. Petter (1975b) suggested that all three probably represented G. pusillus. Lay (1983), however, listed G. pusillus and all three synonyms as separate monotypic species pending a revision. We prefer Roche’s conclusion as the hypothesis to be tested because it was derived from specimen examination. Chromosomal data documented by Capanna and Merani (1981). Reviewed by Pavlinov et al. (1990), who also accepted Roche’s synonyms.



    diminutus Dollman, 1911
    percivali Dollman, 1914
    ruberrimus Rhoads, 1896

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