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SPECIES Gerbilliscus (Taterona) validus

Author:Bocage, 1890.
Citation:J. Sci. Math. Phys. Nat. Lisboa, 2(5): 6.
Common Name:Southern Savanna Gerbil
Type Locality:Angola, Rio Cuando, Ambaca, Quissange, Caconda.
Distribution:Southern savanna from Angola (Crawford-Cabral, 1998) through S Dem. Rep. Congo, Zambia, and SW Tanzania to S Kenya (between the Rift Valley and coast).
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc) as Tatera valida.
Comments:Subgenus Taterona. Revised by Bates (1988) as Tatera validus validus. Allopatric with and closely related to the West African G. kempi (see that account). Discriminant function analyses comparing Angolan G. validus and G. leucogaster provided by Crawford-Cabral and Pacheco (1991).



    liodon (Thomas, 1902)
    neavei (Wroughton, 1907)
    taborae (Kershaw, 1921)

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