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SPECIES Gerbilliscus (Gerbilliscus) boehmi

Author:Noack, 1887.
Citation:Zool. Jahrb. Syst., 2: 241.
Common Name:Boehm’s Gerbil
Type Locality:Dem. Rep. Congo, Katanga Province, Marungu, Qua Mpala (see Ansell, 1978, and Hill and Carter, 1941, for placement of type locality in S Dem. Rep. Congo; it has also been identified as N Zambia [G. M. Allen, 1939; Bates, 1988]).
Distribution:E Angola (Crawford-Cabral, 1998, discussed the possible Angolan record), S Dem. Rep. Congo (Hatt, 1940a), N Zambia (Ansell, 1978), Malawi (Ansell and Dowsett, 1988), Tanzania (Swynerton and Hayman, 1951), Kenya (Hollister, 1919), and Uganda (Delany, 1975).
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc) as Tatera boehmi.
Comments:Subgenus Gerbilliscus. Reviewed by Davis (1975a) and Pavlinov et al. (1990); northeast African population revised by Bates (1988). The double-grooved incisors and fringed, white-tipped tail of G. boehmi are unique among species of Gerbilliscus, and these traits prompted Thomas (1896) to propose Gerbilliscus as a subgenus of Tatera to contain boehmi.



    fallax (Thomas and Schwann, 1904)
    fraterculus (Thomas, 1898)
    varia (Heller, 1910)

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