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SPECIES Dipodillus (Petteromys) rupicola

Author:Granjon, Aniskin, Volobouev, and Sicard, 2002.
Citation:J. Zool. Lond., 256: 183.
Common Name:Rupicolous Dipodil
Type Locality:Sahelian region of N Mali, 12 km east of Mopti, Emnalíhere, right bank of main course of Niger River (14E28'26" N, 04E05'16" W); Granjon et al. (2002a) provided details of trap location and habitat.
Distribution:Recorded only from the type locality.
Comments:Subgenus Petteromys. A distinctive species (2n = 52, FNa = 72) that is morphologically adapted to climb about on rocky outcrops and may be restricted to such habitats, which is unusual among species of Dipodillus and Gerbillus. Granjon et al. (2002a) described the species, compared it with others, and provided observations on habitat and behavior. The Rupicolous Dipodil is one of nine species of Gerbillus and Dipodillus occurring in a small area of the West African sahelian region located between SE Mauritania, N Mali, and W Niger. Dipodillus rupicola was found in close proximity to G. tarabuli, G. nigeriae, and G. henleyi, but only D. rupicola was caught on the rocks along with a species of Acomys, another rupicolous muroid. Granjon et al. (2002a) described rupicola as a Gerbillus but in the classification of Pavlinov et al. (1990), which we follow here, it would be placed in subgenus Petteromys of Dipodillus; in morphology and body size, D. rupicola is most like D. campestris, but differs strikingly in karyotype.



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