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SPECIES Dipodillus (Dipodillus) maghrebi

Author:Schlitter and Setzer, 1972.
Citation:Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash., 84: 387.
Common Name:Maghreb Dipodil
Type Locality:Morocco, Fes Province, 15 km WSW Taounate (see Lay, 1983, and map in Aulagnier and Thevenot, 1986).
Distribution:Recorded only from the Fes region (between the coast and tip of Middle Atlas Mtns) in N Morocco where it is abundant (Aulagnier et al., 1993).
Status:IUCN Vulnerable as Gerbillus maghrebi.
Comments:Subgenus Dipodillus. A distinctive Moroccan endemic unrelated to D. simoni as Schlitter and Setzer (1972) proposed, but instead phylogenetically linked to D. campestris according to Lay (1983). Aulagnier et al. (1993) documented detailed cranial and dental comparisons between samples of D. maghrebi and those of sympatric D. campestris. Reviewed by Pavlinov et al. (1990).



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