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SPECIES Desmodilliscus braueri

Author:Wettstein, 1916.
Citation:Anz. Akad. Wiss. Wien, 53: 153.
Common Name:Pouched Gerbil
Type Locality:Sudan, south of El Obeid.
Distribution:Recorded from Sahelian savanna in N and C Sudan, N Cameroon, S Niger, N Nigeria, C Mali, N Burkina Faso (Gautun et al., 1985), Senegal (Ba et al., 2000; Duplantier and Granjon, 1992), and W Mauritania (overall distributions reviewed by Hutterer and Dieterlen [1986] and Dobigny et al. [2002b]).
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Taxonomically reviewed by Setzer (1969), who recognized three subspecies. A subsequent analysis of geographic distribution and variation in morphometric traits was provided by Hutterer and Dieterlen (1986), who noted the lack of significant sexual and geographic variation in the species. Notes on behavior, distribution, and population dynamics offered by Poulet (1984). Karyotype (2n = 76, FNa = 104) from Niger (Dobigny et al., 2002a) differs in diploid number (2n = 78) from a Senegal sample (Granjon et al., 1992).



    buchanani Thomas and Hinton, 1920
    fuscus Setzer, 1969

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