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SPECIES Peromyscus sagax

Author:Elliot, 1903.
Citation:Field Columbian Mus. Publ. 71, Zool. Ser., 3: 142.
Common Name:Michoacán Deermouse
Type Locality:México, Michoacán, La Palma.
Distribution:NC Michoacán, México; limits uncertain.
Comments:Species group indeterminate. Recognition long obscured as a full synonym first of P. truei gratus (Osgood, 1909) and later of P. boylii levipes (Hoffmeister, 1946), but morphometric, karyotypic, and electrophoretic information demonstrates the form’s specific separation from P. boylii, P. levipes, and P. gratus (Bradley et al., 1996). Gene-sequence data indicate that P. sagax is as much differentiated from the boylii complex as from the aztecus and truei species groups (Tiemann-Boege et al., 2000).



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