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SPECIES Peromyscus polius

Author:Osgood, 1904.
Citation:Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash., 17: 61.
Common Name:Chihuahuan Deermouse
Type Locality:México, Chihuahua, Colonia García.
Distribution:WC Chihuahua, México.
Status:IUCN – Vulnerable.
Comments:Species group indeterminate. A distinctive species of enigmatic relationships: initially placed with the truei group (Osgood, 1909) but provisionally reassigned to the boylii group by Hoffmeister (1951; also see Bradley and Schmidly, 1987, and commentary by Anderson, 1972:348). Allozymic distance data weakly support the latter association (Bradley et al., 1996; Kilpatrick and Zimmerman, 1975; Schmidly et al., 1985), but mitochondrial DNA (cytochrome b) interpretations of its kinship are inconclusive (Tiemann-Boege et al., 2000).



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