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SPECIES Peromyscus polionotus

Author:Wagner, 1843.
Citation:Arch. Naturgesch., 9(2): 52.
Common Name:Oldfield Deermouse
Type Locality:USA, Georgia.
Distribution:SE USA, from SC Tennessee to W South Carolina, south through Alabama and Georgia, to panhandle and N peninsular Florida, USA.
Status:U.S. ESA Endangered as P. p. allophrys, P. p. ammobates, P. p. peninsularis, P. p. phasma, and P. p. trissyllepsis, Threatened and as P. p. niveiventris; IUCN Extinct as P. p. decoloratus, Critically Endangered as P. p. trissyllepsis, Endangered as P. p. allophrys, P. p. ammobates, P. p. peninsularis, and P. p. phasma, Lower Risk (nt) as P. p. leucocephalus and P. p. niveiventris, otherwise Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:P. maniculatus species group. Revised by Osgood (1909). Pleistocene origination of subspecies hypothesized by Bowen (1968); intraspecific genetic differentiation surveyed by Selander et al. (1971). See commentary on subspecific variation and ranges by Whitaker and Hamilton (1998), who considered colemani and subgriseus as inseparable from the nominate subspecies. Membership within maniculatus group and relationships to other Peromyscus assessed by Avise et al. (1979), Greenbaum et al. (1978), Rogers et al. (1984), and Stangl and Baker (1984b).



    albifrons Osgood, 1909
    allophrys Bowen, 1968
    ammobates Bowen, 1968
    arenarius Bangs, 1898
    baliolus Bangs, 1898
    colemani Schwartz, 1954
    decoloratus A. H. Howell, 1939
    griseobracatus Bowen, 1968
    leucocephalus A. H. Howell, 1920
    lucubrans Schwartz, 1954
    niveiventris (Chapman, 1889)
    peninsularis A. H. Howell, 1939
    phasma Bangs, 1898
    rhoadsi Bangs, 1898
    subgriseus (Chapman, 1893)
    sumneri Bowen, 1968
    trissyllepsis Bowen, 1968

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