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SPECIES Peromyscus gossypinus

Author:Le Conte, 1853.
Citation:Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philadelphia, 6: 411.
Common Name:Cotton Deermouse
Type Locality:USA, Georgia, Liberty Co., near Riceboro, probably Le Conte Plantation.
Distribution:SE USA, from SE Oklahoma, extreme S Illinois (see Feldhammer et al., 1998) and SE Virginia, southwards, skirting the S Appalachians, to E Texas, the Gulf States, and peninsular Florida.
Status:U.S. ESA Endangered as P. g. allapaticola; IUCN Extinct as P. g. restrictus, Vulnerable as P. g. allapaticola, otherwise Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:P. leucopus species group. Lectotype based on MCZ specimen collected by Le Conte designated by Helgen (in Helgen and McFadden, 2001). Hybridization in lab documented with P. leucopus (Bradshaw, 1968), but genetic integrity of P. gossypinus is strongly corroborated in most field studies (Engstrom et al., 1982; Price and Kennedy, 1980; Robbins et al., 1985); limited hybridization of the two may occur in S Illinois (Barko and Feldhammer, 2002). Subspecific realignments based on morphometric and allozymic variation of insular and continental populations presented by Boone et al. (1993); in another survey, Boone et al. (1999) documented broad geographic patterns of genetic variation and discussed their general lack of correspondence to subspecific boundaries. See Wolfe and Linzey (1977, Mammalian Species, 70).



    allapaticola Schwartz, 1952
    anastasae Bangs, 1898
    cognatus (Le Conte, 1855)
    insulanus Bangs, 1898
    megacephalus (Rhoads, 1894)
    mississippiensis Rhoads, 1896
    nigriculus Bangs, 1896
    palmarius Bangs, 1896
    restrictus A. H. Howell, 1939
    telmaphilus Schwartz, 1952

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