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SPECIES Peromyscus fraterculus

Author:Miller, 1892.
Citation:Amer. Nat., 26: 261.
Common Name:Northern Baja Deermouse
Type Locality:USA, California, San Diego Co., Dulzura.
Distribution:SW California, USA, through Baja California Norte, to EC Baja California Sur, México.
Comments:P. eremicus species group. Long considered a geographic race of P. eremicus following the revision of Osgood (1909; e.g., also and Hall, 1981, Lawlor, 1971a). Studies of allozymic (Avise et al., 1974) and mitochondrial DNA variation (Walpole et al., 1997) within eremicus as conceived by Osgood have intimated that western and eastern moieties are specifically distinct. Riddle et al. (2000a, c) have confirmed this pronounced genetic divergence, reinstated fraterculus to species, demonstrated its common ancestry with P. eva, and interpreted its Pleistocene origination in a phylogeographic context. Synonyms follow Riddle et al. (2000c).



    herroni (Rhoads, 1893)
    homochroia Elliot, 1903
    nigellus (Rhoads, 1894)
    propinquus J. A. Allen, 1898

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