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SPECIES Peromyscus caniceps

Author:Burt, 1932.
Citation:Trans. San Diego Soc. Nat. Hist., 7: 174.
Common Name:Monserrat Island Deermouse
Type Locality:México, Baja California Sur, Monserrat Isl; 25°38'N, 111°02'W.
Distribution:Known only from Monserrat Isl.
Status:IUCN – Vulnerable.
Comments:P. eremicus species group. Although membership in Haplomylomys is generally recognized (Avise et al., 1971; Burt, 1932; Hooper, 1968), nearest kin and specific stature unresolved. Affinity to P. eva highlighted by Lawlor (1971b), who suggested its possible ranking as a subspecies thereof, but later (1983) maintained it as an insular species. Strongly and about equally differentiated from examples of P. eva, P. eremicus, and P. fraterculus based on allozymic comparisons by Avise et al. (1974). Listed, without explanation, in the crinitus species group by Hall (1981). Reassigned as a subspecies of P. fraterculus based on mitochondrial DNA similarity by Hafner et al. (2001). Nevertheless, the bacular contrasts to P. eremicus P. fraterculus, as recorded by Lawlor (1971b), are impressive and recommend additional morphological and molecular comparisons that include Burt’s (1932) original type series, reference samples of P. eva and P. fraterculus, and the recent vouchers utilized by Hafner et al. (2001). See Alvarez-Castañeda et al. (1998, Mammalian Species, 602).



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