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SPECIES Neotoma (Neotoma) leucodon

Author:Merriam, 1894.
Citation:Proc. Bio. Soc. Wash., 9: 120.
Common Name:White-toothed Woodrat
Type Locality:México, San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí.
Distribution:SE Colorado, E New Mexico, and W Texas, USA, south in the Mexican Plateau to N Jalisco and N México.
Comments:Subgenus Neotoma, micropus species group (sensu Edwards and Bradley, 2002b). Rearranged as a subspecies of N. albigula by Goldman (1910), but specific status defended by Edwards et al. (2001) based on phylogenetic analysis of cytochromeb sequences. Hybridization (reported as N. albigula) suspected with N. micropus in Colorado (Finley, 1958) and apparent intergradation of the two in Coahuila (Anderson, 1969); sister species to N. micropus supported by mitochondrial DNA data (Edwards et al., 2001). With changes in specific definitions and geographic ranges, meaningful delimitation of subspecies is currently unwarranted, as noted by Edwards et al. (2001); provisional allocation of other species-group epithets not sampled by those authors should be confirmed.



    durangae J. A. Allen, 1903
    latifrons Merriam, 1894
    melas Dice, 1929
    montezumae Goldman, 1905
    robusta Blair, 1939
    subsolana Alvarez, 1962
    warreni Merriam, 1908
    zacatecae Goldman, 1905

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