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SPECIES Neotoma (Neotoma) lepida

Author:Thomas, 1893.
Citation:Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., ser. 6, 12: 235.
Common Name:Desert Woodrat
Type Locality:USA, "Simpson’s Route" between Camp Floyd (= Fairfield), Utah and Carson City, Nevada (as restricted by Goldman, 1932:61).
Distribution:SE Oregon to C Utah and WC Colorado, south through Nevada, NW Arizona, and S California, USA, to S Baja California Sur, México.
Status:IUCN – Data Deficient as N. l. intermedia, otherwise Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Subgenus Neotoma, lepida species group (sensu Edwards and Bradley, 2002b). Even with removal of N. devia, "lepida" may still represent a composite of two species (Mascarello, 1978; Riddle et al., 2000b). As underscored in the phylogeographic study of Patton and Alvarez-Castañeda (In Press), based on cytochrome b data, populations from the coastal region of W California and the Baja California peninsula (= intermedia) are more genetically differentiated from lepida proper than are those of N. devia. Taxonomic stature of these coastal-peninsular populations, and the possible nomenclatural priority of the insular form bryanti for this complex, await integrated morphological and molecular confirmation (see Patton and Alvarez-Castañeda, In Press). As with N. devia, explicit allocation of species-group synonyms is needed. See Verts and Carraway (2002, Mammalian Species, 699).



    abbreviata Goldman, 1909
    arenacea J. A. Allen, 1898
    aridicola Huey, 1957
    bella Bangs, 1899
    californica Price, 1894
    desertorum Merriam, 1894
    egressa Orr, 1934
    felipensis Elliot, 1903
    gilva Rhoads, 1894
    grinnelli Hall, 1942
    insularis Townsend, 1912
    intermedia Rhoads, 1894
    latirostra Burt, 1932
    marcosensis Burt, 1932
    marshalli Goldman, 1939
    molagrandis Huey, 1945
    monstrabilis Goldman, 1932
    nevadensis Taylor, 1910
    notia Nelson and Goldman, 1931
    nudicauda Goldman, 1905
    perpallida Goldman, 1909
    petricola von Bloeker, 1938
    pretiosa Goldman, 1909
    ravida Nelson and Goldman, 1931
    sanrafaeli Kelson, 1950
    sola Merriam, 1894
    vicina Goldman, 1909

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