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SPECIES Neotoma (Neotoma) bryanti

Author:Merriam, 1887.
Citation:Am. Nat., 21: 191.
Common Name:Bryant’s Woodrat
Type Locality:México, Baja California Norte, Cedros Isl.
Distribution:Known only from the type locality.
Status:IUCN – Endangered.
Comments:Subgenus Neotoma, lepida species group (sensu Edwards and Bradley, 2002b). Listed as nominal species of N. lepida group by Goldman (1932); also see Mascarello (1978). Genetically unremarkable compared with samples of N. lepida from Baja California and may represent the oldest name available for those populations from deserts of coastal California and the Baja peninsula (see Patton and Alvarez-Castañeda, In Press, and remarks under N. lepida). See Alvarez-Castañeda and Yensen (1999, Mammalian Species, 619).



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