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SPECIES Neotoma (Neotoma) anthonyi

Author:J. A. Allen, 1898.
Citation:Bull. Am. Mus. Nat. Hist., 10: 151.
Common Name:Anthony’s Woodrat
Type Locality:México, Baja California Norte, Todos Santos Isl.
Distribution:Known only from the type locality.
Status:IUCN – Endangered.
Comments:Subgenus Neotoma, lepida species group (sensu Edwards and Bradley, 2002b). Listed as nominal species of N. lepida group by Goldman (1932); also see Mascarello (1978). Not collected since 1910; judged "extinct or very close to extinction" by Mellink (1992:139) probably due to the introduction of domestic cats. See Cortés-Calva et al. (2001, Mammalian Species, 663).



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