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SPECIES Mesocricetus newtoni

Author:Nehring, 1898.
Citation:Zool. Anz., 21: 329.
Common Name:Romanian Hamster
Type Locality:Bulgaria, Kolarovgrad (= Schumla or Shumen).
Distribution:Restricted to right side of Danube River in SE Romania and N Bulgaria.
Status:IUCN Vulnerable.
Comments:Systematic summaries and comparisons with other species are provided by Niethammer (1982c) and Mitchell-Jones et al. (1999); 2n = 38 (Raicu and Bratosin, 1965). Hosey (1982) postulated origin of this species around 20,000-10,000 years before present, resulting from dispersion of Near East Mesocricetus across a Bosphorus land bridge and subsequent isolation due to post-Pleistocene sea level increase.



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