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SPECIES Steatomys krebsii

Author:Peters, 1852.
Citation:Reise nach Mossambique, Säugethiere: 165.
Common Name:Kreb’s African Fat Mouse
Type Locality:South Africa, Kaffraria.
Distribution:Patchy distribution in Southern African Subregion—C and SW Angola (Crawford-Cabral, 1998), NE Namibia (Caprivi Strip and vicinity; specimens in USNM), N Botswana (Smithers, 1971), W Zambia (Ansell, 1978 ), and South Africa (Western, Eastern and Northern Cape Provs., E Free State, Northwest Prov., and NW KwaZulu-Natal).
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:A distinctive small-bodied species with a long tail and small hind feet; reviewed by Coetzee (1977a), Meester et al. (1986), and Ansell (1978). The holotypes of angolensis and bradleyi (in AMNH) are unproblematic examples of S. krebsii. Populations in KwaZulu-Natal Prov., E South Africa, reviewed by Taylor (1998), who transferred tongensis from S. parvus to S. krebsii. De Graaff (1997hh) mapped the spotty distribution but suspected that it reflected lack of focused collection.



    angolensis Hill and Carter, 1937
    bensoni Ansell, 1958
    bradleyi Hill and Carter, 1937
    chiversi Roberts, 1931
    mariae Ansell, 1958
    orangiae Roberts, 1929
    pentonyx (Sclater, 1899)
    tongensis Roberts, 1931
    transvaalensis Roberts, 1929

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