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SPECIES Megadendromus nikolausi

Author:Dieterlen and Rupp, 1978.
Citation:Z. Säugetierk., 43: 131.
Common Name:Nikolaus’s African Climbing Mouse
Type Locality:Ethiopia, S Goba, Bale Mtns.
Distribution:Bale Mtns and Mt Chilalo in Ethiopia in ericaceous scrub moorland, 3000-3800 m.
Status:IUCN – Vulnerable.
Comments:Known by less than ten specimens (Demeter and Topal, 1982; Dieterlen and Rupp, 1978; Denys et al., 1995; MCZ 57324). Morphology and ecology covered in detail by Dieterlen and Rupp (1978); Demeter and Topal (1982) provided additional habitat information. Reviewed as another Ethiopian endemic by Yalden and Largen (1992) and Yalden et al. (1996).



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