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SPECIES Dendromus mystacalis

Author:Heuglin, 1863.
Citation:Nova Acta Acad. Caes. Leop.-Carol., Halle, 30(2): suppl. 5.
Common Name:Chestnut African Climbing Mouse
Type Locality:Ethiopia, Baschlo region (Ellerman et al., 1953, offered additional comments).
Distribution:Much of C and E Africa (G. M. Allen and Loveridge, 1942; Ansell, 1978, 1989; Ansell and Dowsett, 1988; Delany, 1975; Lawrence and Loveridge, 1953; Smithers, 1971; Smithers and Lobao Tello, 1976; Smithers and Wilson, 1979; Stanley et al., 1998b), including S Sudan (Setzer, 1956) and Ethiopia (Lavrenchenko, 2000; Yalden et al., 1996), as far south as Angola (Crawford-Cabral, 1966b, 1998) and E South Africa (de Graaff, 1997ee; Skinner and Smithers, 1990:308; Taylor, 1998); range based also on specimens in AMNH, BMNH, FMNH, and MCZ.
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Upperparts are bright ochraceous-buff without a stripe in most samples, a faint strip in others; underparts range from white (usual) to buffy gray, the coloration typical of N Dem. Rep. Congo and AMNH series from Angola (ansorgei, as per Thomas and Wroughton, 1905; Hill and Carter, 1941; and Hayman, 1963b). Those samples without a faint middorsal stripe closely resemble D. messorius but are smaller and usually have buffy gray underparts (always white in messorius). This species is a morphological miniature of southern African D. mesomelas, the two are probably close phylogenetic allies, and both constitute one of the two species-pairs occurring in southern Africa (Avery, 1998). Morphological variation within this widely ranging species should be investigated to determine whether more than one species is represented.



    acraeus Wroughton, 1909
    ansorgei Thomas and Wroughton, 1905
    capitis Heller, 1912
    jamesoni Wroughton, 1909
    lineatus Heller, 1911
    nairobae Osgood, 1910
    ochropus Osgood, 1910
    pallescens Osgood, 1910
    pongolensis Roberts, 1931
    uthmoelleri Bohmann, 1939
    whytei Wroughton, 1909

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