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SPECIES Cricetomys kivuensis

Author:Lönnberg, 1917.
Citation:Kungl. Svenska Vet-Akad. Handl., Stockholm, 58(art. 2): 75.
Common Name:Kivu Giant Pouched Rat
Type Locality:Dem. Rep. Congo, Masisi.
Distribution:Mountains of easternmost Dem. Rep. Congo (Kivu), S Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi; limits unknown.
Comments:Although Genest-Villard (1967) retained kivuensis as a subspecies of C. emini, she considered its differentiation as marginal. Compared with C. emini, examples of kivuensis are larger, their skulls fully as robust as the biggest C. ansorgei; dorsal color is fuscous gray (not the bright browns of emini) and the underparts are dull grayish-white, weakly demarcated from the dorsum (pure white and cleanly delineated in emini); and fur is long, its texture soft and luxurient (close-cropped and slightly hispid in emini). The union of such disparate morphologies under one species deserves unambiguous demonstration.



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