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SPECIES Cricetomys ansorgei

Author:Thomas, 1904.
Citation:Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., ser. 7, 13: 412.
Common Name:Southern Giant Pouched Rat
Type Locality:Angola, Pungo Andongo.
Distribution:Kenya and E and S Uganda, southwards exclusive of Congo forest block, to W and S Angola (Crawford-Cabral, 1998:Map 21), S Zambia, E Zimbabwe, and NE South Africa (Limpopo Province and NE KwaZulu-Natal); including Zanzibar.
Comments:Cranial proportions simililar to C. gambianus but size larger and skull robustly constructed (LM1-3 typically 11-12 mm versus 10-11 mm), dominant tones of dorsal pelage brown compared with grayish of C. gambianus; as equally differentiated in multivariate space from C. gambianus as from C. emini. Other morphological and ecological contrasts to C. gambianus enumerated (as C. g. ansorgei) by Genest-Villard (1967). Even as arranged, ansorgei is likely a species complex. Populations that occur on mountains in East Africa (elgonis, enguvi, kenyensis, microtis), each retained as well differentiated but localized subspecies of C. gambianus by Genest-Villard (1967), invite detailed investigation; certain populations may plausibly link with C. kivuensis from Western Rift Mtns. Also, cosensi, described as a species from Zanzibar, was considered by Hinton (1919b) to be related to the emini complex.



    adventor Thomas and Wroughton, 1907
    cosensi Hinton, 1919
    cunctator Thomas and Wroughton, 1908
    elgonis Thomas, 1910
    enguvi Heller, 1912
    haagneri Roberts, 1926
    kenyensis Osgood, 1910
    luteus Dollman, 1911
    microtis Lönnberg, 1917
    osgoodi Heller, 1912
    raineyi Heller, 1912
    selindensis Roberts, 1946
    vaughanjonesi St. Leger, 1937
    viator Thomas, 1904

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