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SPECIES Myospalax myospalax

Author:Laxmann, 1773.
Citation:Kongl. Svenska. Vet.-Akad. Handl. Stockholm, 34: 134.
Common Name:Altai Zokor
Type Locality:Russia, Altai Krai, 100 km SE of Barnaul, Sommaren, near Paniusheva on Alei River.
Distribution:Altai Mtns and upper basin of Ob and Irtysh River drainages in S Russia, and E Kazakhstan (entire N region of Cisaltai plain and foothills as well as the W and C Altai; see Ognev, 1947).
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:M. myospalax species group. As part of a study of 25 extant rodent genera, morphology and schmelzmuster of rootless molars in M. myospalax and their relation to jaw movement were documented (Koenigswald et al., 1994). Gambaryan and Gasc (1993) presented a cinefluorographiccal, anatomical, and biomechanical analyses of burrowing in M. myospalax to reveal the adaptive properties of its musculoskeletal system. See account of M. aspalax for chromosomal contrasts.



    incertus Ognev, 1936
    komurai Mori, 1927
    laxmanni Sherskey, 1873
    tarbagataicus Ognev, 1936

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