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SPECIES Napaeozapus insignis

Author:Miller, 1891.
Citation:Am. Nat., 25: 742.
Common Name:Woodland Jumping Mouse
Type Locality:Canada, New Brunswick, Restigouche River.
Distribution:Canada: SE Manitoba, SW and E Ontario, S and E Quebec north to S Labrador. USA: E Minnesota, N and C Wisconsin, upper peninsular and N lower peninsular Michigan, E Ohio, Pennsylvania; north and east to NW New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, W Massachusetts (isolated population in Martha's Vinyard), Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine; south to West Virginia, W Virginia, E Kentucky, E Tennessee, W North Carolina, NW South Carolina, and NE Georgia.
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:A specimen of Napaeozapus was collected in Park County, Indiana (Lyon, 1942), though subsequent trapping failed to yield further examples (Mumford, 1969). The identity of the specimen was verified by Klingener (1965:645) and Wrigley (1972:42). Systematic revision and biology provided by Wrigley (1972). Myology, in context of adaptive and phylogenetic significance, studied by Klingener (1964). Diagnosis, range map, and records provided by Hall (1981). Population in E Kentucky discussed by Meade (1992). Reviewed by Whitaker and Wrigley (1972, Mammalian Species, 14), Whitaker and Hamilton (1998), and Whitaker (1999a). For synonyms see Hall (1981).



    abietorum (Preble, 1899)
    algonquinensis Prince, 1941
    frutectanus Jackson, 1919
    gaspensis Anderson, 1942
    roanensis (Preble, 1899)
    saguenayensis Anderson, 1942

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