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Author:Muirhead, 1819.
Citation:Mazology [sic]. Pp. 393-480, pls. 353-358, in Edinburgh Encyclopdeia, Vol. 13 (D. Brewster, ed.): 433 (see McKenna and Bell, 1997).
Comments:The results of Wahlert et al. (1993) and Storch (1995b) indicated that Myoxus, Muscardinus, and Glirulus form a monophyletic group. Yachontov and Potapova (1991) hypothesized that Glis and Muscardinus are closely related to Selevinia. Daams and de Bruijn (1995) included only Glis and Muscardinus in Glirinae, and arranged Glirulus under their Dryomyinae. Koenigswald (1993, 1995) placed Glis and Glirulus together in his most primitive cluster, "Group I", and Muscardinus in his most derived cluster, "Group III". Bentz and Mongelardís (1999) mitochondrial analyses moderately supports a Glis Muscardinus grouping, but there was no support for the inclusion of Glirulus in this clade. Suzuki et al. (1997) asserted that Glirulus should be placed in its own subfamily based on its high level of genetic divergence, a position concordant with the arrangement of Rossolimo et al. (2001), and with Potapovaís (2001) findings based on its unique middle ear morphology compared with that of other extant dormice. Rossolimo et al. (2001) arranged Glis (Myoxus) as the sole member of Glirinae (Myoxinae), and did not allocate Muscardinus to subfamily, but suggested it was related to Dryomys and Eliomys. Potapova (2001) hypothesized that Muscardinus represents an independent group that is more closely related to Dryomys and Eliomys than to Glis. Based upon upper molar crown pattern, Pavlinov (2001b) concluded that Glis and Muscardinus are "most dissimilar both from each other and from the remainder of the glirids studied." Phylogenetic analyses of nuclear DNA fragments and mitochondrial 12S rRNA sequences identified Glis and Glirulus as members of a major lineage comparable to the Glirinae of Wahlert et al. (1993), divorced Muscardinus from that clade and placed it in the Leithiinae as a basal member to Myomimus, Dryomysi and Eliomys (Mongelard et al., 2003). Only Glis and Glirulus are listed here as members of Glirinae (see discussion under Leithiinae).


GENUS Glirulus

SPECIES japonicus




    Glirinae Thomas, 1897
    Glirulinae de Bruijn, 1966
    Myosidae Gray, 1821
    Myoxina Gray, 1825
    Myoxinae Huxley, 1872

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