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GENUS Myomimus

Author:Ognev, 1924.
Citation:Priroda Okhota Ukraine [Nat. and Hunting in Ukraine], Kharkov, 1-2: 115.
Type Species:Myomimus personatus Ognev, 1924.
Comments:This genus requires systematic revision. A new, undescribed species of Myomimus has been found in the C Zagros Mtns, Bakhtaran Prov., Iran, 1300 m. Known only from owl pellets, the mandible of this species is larger than that of M. setzeri, but smaller than M. personatus (Obuch, 2001; J. Obuch, pers. comm.); Obuch (2001) included photographs of dentaries of the new species compared with those of M. personatus and M. setzeri. Daams and de Bruijn (1995) arranged Myomimus in subfamily Myominae; according to their hypothesis myomimines and glirines originated from gliravines in the late Oligocene. There seems to be a general (but not universal, see Yachontov and Potapova, 1991, and Simson et al., 1995) consensus that Myomimus and Selevinia are related (Koenigswald, 1993, 1995; Potapova, 2001; Rossolimo et al., 2001; Storch, 1995b; Wahlert et al., 1993). Phylogenetic analyses of nuclear DNA fragments and mitochondrial 12S rRNA sequences identified Myomimus as sister to a clade containing Dryomys and Eliomys within a larger evolutionary lineage corresponding to the Leithiinae of Wahlert et al. (1993). See comments under Subfamily Leithiinae for further taxonomic discussion. Evolutionary patterns of dental morphology during Pliocene and Pleistocene discussed by Nadachowski and Daoud (1995). Recorded from Pleistocene in E and SE Europe (Kowalski, 2001).


SPECIES personatus

SPECIES roachi

SPECIES setzeri


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