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SPECIES Graphiurus (Graphiurus) platyops

Author:Thomas, 1897.
Citation:Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., ser. 6, 19: 388.
Common Name:Flat-headed African Dormouse
Type Locality:S Zimbabwe, Mashonaland, Enkeldorn
Distribution:Eastern and E Southern Africa: Malawi (Ansell and Dowsett, 1988), E Zambia (Ansell, 1978), Zimbabwe (Smithers and Wilson, 1979), Botswana (Smithers, 1971), Mozambique (Smithers and Lob„o Tello, 1976) and South Africa (de Graaff, 1981; Rautenbach, 1982; Roberts, 1951; Smithers, 1983).
Status:IUCN Ė Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Subgenus Graphiurus. Does not include angolensis, dasilvai or parvulus (see comments under G. angolensis and G. rupicola). Previously thought to occur in C Botswana (De Graaff 1981), but my measurements of that specimen are well outside the range of G. platyops, and are concordant with those of Southern African populations of G. microtis. A specimen in the Amathole (formerly Kaffrarian) Museum, King Williamís Town, is labeled as the holotype of "Gliriscus angolensis albicaudatus Roberts". Apparently the name albicaudatus was never formally published (F. Kigozi, pers. comm.). Possibly A. Roberts labeled the specimen with the intention of describing it (the specimen was originally part of the Albany Museum collection). The specimen represents G. platyops, and is from Isoka, Zambia, the type locality of G. platyops jordani Roberts. Reviewed by Rossolimo et al. (2001) and Holden (In Press).



    eastwoodae Roberts, 1913
    jordani Roberts, 1929

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