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SPECIES Graphiurus (Claviglis) crassicaudatus

Author:Jentink, 1888.
Citation:Notes Leyden Mus., 10: 41.
Common Name:Thick-tailed African Dormouse
Type Locality:Liberia, Du (Du Queah) River, Hill Town
Distribution:West Africa: Liberia (Kuhn, 1965), Côte d’Ivoire (in Mt Nimba reserve; see Heim de Balsac and Lamotte, 1958), Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Cameroon (Robbins and Schlitter, 1981; Schlitter et al., 1985), Gabon, and perhaps Bioko (Eisentraut, 1973). See Rosevear (1969) and Grubb et al. (1998).
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Subgenus Claviglis. Some researchers hypothesized that the morphological similarity between G. crassicaudatus and G. nagtglasii indicates a close phylogenetic relationship between the two species (Holden, 1996b; Rosevear, 1969). Results of Pavlinov and E. G. Potapova’s (2003) cladistic analysis of African dormice based on cranial and middle ear characters does not support this conclusion; they showed that characters shared by G. crassicaudatus and G. nagtglasii may be primitive for the genus, and that G. crassicaudatus shares several derived characters with other species of Graphiurus. Additionally, G. nagtglasii and G. crassicaudatus each exhibit a suite of autapomorphies. Reviewed by Rossolimo et al. (2001) and Holden (In Press).



    dorotheae Dollman, 1912

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