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SPECIES Marmota (Marmota) broweri

Author:Hall and Gilmore, 1934.
Citation:Canadian Field Nat., 48: 57.
Common Name:Alaska Marmot
Type Locality:USA, "Point Lay, Arctic Coast of Alaska" Restricted by Rausch (1953:117) to head of Kukpowruk River, Alaska.
Distribution:Brooks Range of N Alaska (USA) from near coast of Chukchi Sea to Alaska-Yukon border; perhaps also N Yukon (Canada).
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Subgenus Marmota (Steppan et al., 1999). Regarded as a synonym of caligata (Hall, 1981) but Rausch and Rausch (1965, 1971) and Hoffmann et al. (1979) considered broweri a distinct species. Steppan et al. (1999) found that broweri is more closely related to the Old World caudata than to Nearctic marmots.



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