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SPECIES Marmota (Marmota) baibacina

Author:Kastschenko, 1899.
Citation:Rezul't. Altaisk. Zool. Exp. 1898: 62.
Common Name:Gray Marmot
Type Locality:"...Multa River, near Nizhne-Uimon in the Altai Mountains" [Altaisk. Krai, Russia] (Ognev, 1963a:252). Alternatively, Aktol' River near Cherga, Gorno-Altaisk. A.O. (Kuznetsov, in Ellerman and Morrison-Scott, 1951:514).
Distribution:Altai and Tien Shan Mtns, SW Siberia (Russia), SE Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan; Mongolia; Xinjiang (China). Introduced into Caucasus Mtns (Dagestan, Russia; Gromov et al., 1965:360).
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Subgenus Marmota (Steppan et al., 1999). Placed by Ellerman and Morrison-Scott (1951:514) in marmota, and by Corbet (1978c:81) in bobak; Kapitonov (1966) analyzed purported hybridization between baibacina and bobak, while Nikol'skii (1974) and Nikol'skii et al. (1983) found species-specific vocalizations. Most Russian authors retain both as distinct species (Gromov et al., 1965:337-387; Zholnerovskaya et al., 1990; Zimina, 1978) and include centralis in this species. Steppan et al.(1999) found that bobac and baibacina are sister species. Kapitonov (1966) indicated that the population called aphanasievi is included in this species; but also see Corbet (1978c:81). Includes lewisi, a nomen oblitum (Hoffmann, 1977); baibacina (Brandt, 1843) is a nomen nudum. See also bobak, sibirica.


SUBSPECIES baibacina

SUBSPECIES centralis

SUBSPECIES kastschenkoi


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