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SPECIES Tupaia glis

Author:Diard, 1820.
Citation:Asiat. J. Mon. Reg., 10: 478.
Common Name:Common Treeshrew
Type Locality:Malaysia, Penang (= Pinang) Isl (fixed by Lyon, 1913:45).
Distribution:SE Asia south of about 10 N latitude, from the vicinity of Hat-Yai, S Thailand through mainland Malaysia (and adjacent coastal isls) to Singapore; also Indonesia, including Siberut, Batu Isls, Sumatra, Java, Bangka, and the Riau, Lingga, and Anambas Isls.
Status:CITES Appendix II; IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:See comments under T. belangeri. In the past many additional taxa have been included in the synonymy of T. glis (e.g. see Chasen, 1940, and Corbet, in Corbet and Hill, 1992). Even with the separation of belangeri, chrysogaster, longipes, palawanensis, moellendorffi, and their synonyms, T. glis still retains many forms of uncertain rank and validity. Pending a detailed study, no subspecies are listed, but many if not most of the named insular forms are distinctive (see Lyon, 1913).



    anambae Lyon, 1913
    batamana Lyon, 1907
    castanea Miller, 1903
    chrysomalla Miller, 1900
    cognate Chasen, 1940
    demissa Thomas, 1904
    discolor Lyon, 1906
    ferruginea Raffles, 1821
    hypochrysa Thomas, 1895
    jacki Robinson and Kloss, 1918
    lacernata Thomas and Wroughton, 1909
    longicanda Lyon, 1913
    longicauda Kloss, 1911
    obscura Kloss, 1911
    pemangilis Lyon, 1911
    penangensis Robinson and Kloss, 1911
    phaeura Miller, 1902
    phoeniura Thomas, 1923
    press . Geoffroy and F. Cuvier, 1822
    pulonis Miller, 1903
    raviana Lyon, 1911
    redacta Robinson, 1916
    siaca Lyon, 1908
    siberu Chasen and Kloss, 1928
    sordida Miller, 1900
    tephrura Miller, 1903
    umbratilis Chasen, 1940
    wilkinsoni Robinson and Kloss, 1911

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