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SPECIES Phalanger orientalis

Author:Pallas, 1766.
Citation:Misc. Zool.: 61.
Common Name:Northern Common Cuscus
Type Locality:Indonesia, Amboina (= Ambon) Isl, Maluku.
Distribution:Timor, Sanana (Sulu Isls), Buru, Halmahera and Seram Isls (Indonesia) to northern New Guinea, Karkar Isl, Schouten group, Bismarck Arch., Solomon Isls; Sanana (Sula Isls), Buru, and Halmahera.
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc); CITES Appendix II.
Comments:Formerly included intercastellanus, interpositus (= vestitus) and lullulae (see G. G. George, 1979). Flannery et al. (1987) first suggested that the southern races may prove to be specifically distinct; Flannery (1990) did not adopt this course, but Flannery (1994a) separated them. Two undescribed species, related to P. orientalis, occur on Mt. Karimui. The species needs revision; Flannery (1995b) provisionally recognized only Solomons/Bismarcks breviceps as a subspecies.


SUBSPECIES orientalis

SUBSPECIES breviceps


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