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SPECIES Sminthopsis virginiae

Author:de Tarragon, 1847.
Citation:Rev. Zool. Paris: 177.
Common Name:Red-cheeked Dunnart
Type Locality:None given; Archer (1981:132) designated Australia, Queensland, Herbert Vale.
Distribution:N Queensland, N Northern Territory (Australia); Aru Isls (Indonesia); lowlands of S New Guinea.
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:S. macroura species-group. See Archer (1979:329, 1981:132) and Kirsch and Calaby (1977:15). De Tarragon's 1847 description of S. virginiae did not specify a type locality and his type specimen, now lost, had no known locality. Collett (1886[1887]:548) named S. nitela from Herbert Vale and it was subsequently renamed S. lumholtzi, both being referable to virginiae according to Archer (1981:136); but nitela and probably rufigenis may be distinct species according to Blacket et al. (2001).


SUBSPECIES virginiae


SUBSPECIES rufigenis


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