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SPECIES Micromurexia habbema

Author:Tate and Archbold, 1941.
Citation:Amer. Mus. Novit., 1101: 8.
Common Name:Habbema Dasyure
Type Locality:Indonesia, Prov. of Papua (= Irian Jaya), 9 km N of Lake Habbema, north slope of Mt. Wilhelmina, 2800 m.
Distribution:Central Cordillera of New Guinea, 405-803S, 13850-14653E, at 1600-3660 m (Van Dyck, 2002).
Status:IUCN Data Deficient at Antechinus habbema.
Comments:Formerly considered a synonym of Antechinus naso (here reallocated as Phascomurexia naso), but shown to be distinct by Woolley (1989) and Flannery (1995a); it is actually the most distinct species of the Murexia clade according to Krajewski et al. (1996) and was referred to a new genus by Van Dyck (2002).



    hageni (Laurie, 1952)

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