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SPECIES Philander frenatus

Author:Olfers, 1818.
Citation:In W. L. Eschwege, J. Brasilien, Neue Bibliothek. Reisen., 15: 204.
Common Name:Southeastern Four-eyed Opossum
Type Locality:"Südamerica;" restricted to Bahia, Brasil, by J. A. Wagner (1843).
Distribution:E Brasil southward to Paraguay and adjacent Argentina.
Comments:Previously included in P. opossum; reviewed by Patton and Silva (1997); frenata Illiger, 1815, and superciliaris Illiger, 1815, are nomina nuda. The spelling quichua Krumbiegel, 1941, is an incorrect subsequent spelling of quica Temminck. Didelphis quica Temminck, 1924 (= P. frenatus) is the type species of Metachirops Matschie, 1916.



    azaricus (Thomas, 1923)
    quica Temminck, 1824
    superciliaris (Olfers, 1818)

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