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SPECIES Marmosops noctivagus

Author:Tschudi, 1844.
Citation:Fauna Peruana, 1: 148.
Common Name:White-bellied Slender Opossum
Type Locality:"Der mittleren und tiefen Waldregion"; restricted by Tate (1933) to Perú, Junín, Montaña de Vitoc, near Chanchamayo, Río Perené drainage.
Distribution:Amazonian Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia, and adjacent Brazil.
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Anderson (1997) recognized M. noctivagus keaysi in Bolivia. Nevertheless, noctivagus is too poorly known to assign names to subspecies with confidence.



    collega (Thomas, 1920)
    keaysi (J. A. Allen, 1900)
    leucastra (Thomas, 1927)
    lugenda (Thomas, 1927)
    neglecta (Osgood, 1915)
    polita (Cabrera, 1913)
    stollei (Miranda-Ribeiro, 1936)

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