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SPECIES Didelphis aurita

Author:Wied-Neuwied, 1826.
Citation:Beitr. Naturgesch. Brasil., 2: 395.
Common Name:Big-eared Opossum
Type Locality:Brazil, Bahia, "Villa Viçosa am Flusse Paruhype."
Distribution:E Brazil, SE Paraguay, and NE Argentina.
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Previously considered a disjunct population of D. marsupialis (see Cerqueira, 1985). The senior synonym is D. azarae Temminck, 1824 (see Hershkovitz, 1969); however, the name had been misapplied to D. albiventris for over 160 years. The name leucoprymnus Matschie, 1916, is a nomen nudum; longigilis Ávila-Pires, 1968, is an incorrect subsequent spelling of longipilis Miranda-Ribeiro.



    azarae Temminck, 1824
    brasiliensis (Liais, 1872)
    koseritzi Ihering, 1892
    longipilis Miranda-Ribeiro, 1935
    melanoidis Miranda-Ribeiro, 1935
    typica (Thomas, 1888)

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