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SPECIES Ornithorhynchus anatinus

Author:Shaw, 1799.
Citation:Nat. Misc., 10: pl. 385-386.
Common Name:Platypus.
Type Locality:Australia, New South Wales, New Holland (= Sydney).
Distribution:Queensland, New South Wales, SE South Australia, Victoria, and Tasmania (Australia).
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc); common but vulnerable to local extinction.
Comments:Whether there are any valid subspecies is unclear; revision is needed. Species name is commonly attributed to Shaw and Nodder, but Nodder was the publisher, not an author.



    brevirostris Ogilby, 1832
    crispus Macgillivray, 1827
    fuscus Péron, 1807
    laevis Macgillivray, 1827
    novaehollandiae Lacépède, 1800
    paradoxus Blumenbach, 1800
    phoxinus Thomas, 1923
    rufus Péron, 1807
    triton Thomas, 1923

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