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Date: Fri, 28 Jun 1996 8:46:52 -0400 (EDT)
From: Isabella O'Neill-Lack &
Subject: Patti Smith Article

In the July 11th - 25th issue of Rolling Stone, there is an article about Patti Smith on page 23. (I haven't bought an issue of Rolling Stone in awhile, but I think I will buy this one to add to my Patti Smith collection.) I thought you might be interested in this article. I didn't read it, but by skimming the pages, I do not see mention of Sam Shepard.

Hope all is well.


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Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 23:45:27
From: (Vince Farinaccio)
Subject: Brownsville Girl

It's great to see a Sam Shepard site on the internet. I've been browsing through it and noticed the lyric to "Brownsville Girl" is included. I was wondering if you were aware that this is actually a revised version of the collaboration by Shepard and Dylan. The original version,titled "New Danville Girl" was recorded in December 1984 and contains variations of some lines and includes some additional verses as well. The copyright for this is registered December 26, 1984 and identifies Shepard as being employed by Dylan in the composing of the song (possibly because Dylan wanted to have the option of rewriting the lyrics?).The copyright for "Brownsville Girl" in 1986 lists "words, music and arrangement by Robert Dylan with Sam Shepard." In the final version, Dylan deleted sections, added the verse about Henry Porter's name being an alias and considerably revised the next section about "people who suffer" in addition to polishing some of the lines and images (the line about Ruby hanging clothes in the backyard was originally an image of her at a window as the car pulls up).Dylan discussed the writing of the song with Bill Flanagan in 1985 and revealed that he and Shepard were inspired by Lou Reed's "Doin' the Things That We Want To" which has the narrator viewing the Broadway production of Fool For Love. The narrator of "New Danville/Brownsville Girl", Dylan pointed out, was placed in a movie theatre because of this.

I hope this has been helpful in some way. Thanks for providing this site.

Vince Farinaccio

From: Tim Grossklaus &
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Subject: Sam S and Counting Crows

Hey, just thought you'd like to know. . .

There's a song on the new Counting Crows' album "Recovering the Satellites" called "Another Horse Dreamer's Blues" based on the "Geography of a Horse Dreamer" play. They also have an unreleased song called "Margery Dreams of Horses" which is a little more loosely tied into the play. Just thought you'd like to know. If you have any questions (ie. lyrics, etc.) drop me a line.

Tim Grossklaus

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