The Tooth of Crime

Production notes

Two-act play with music.
First production: Open Space Th., London, 17 July 1972 (dir. Charles Marowitz and Walter Donoshue; music composed by Shepard).
First American production: McCarter Th., Princeton University, 11 Nov. 1972.
Revived: Performance Group at Performing Garage, New York, 7 Mar. 1973 (dir. Richard Schechner; a film of this 'environmental' production was made for the Whitney Museum); Royal Court, London, 5 June 1974 (dir. Jim Sharman); 'Shep in Rep', 1979, and La Mama, New York, 1983 (both dir. George Ferencz); Black Theatre Co-operative at Croydon Warehouse, London, 15 Sept. 1983; Bridge Land Th., London, 5 June 1987.
Published: Four Two-Act Plays; Seven Plays.


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