Exceptions to the V/NA Rule

In general, if the object of a motional preposition is a place which people and/or animals normally go inside of, the proposition meaning 'to' will be в+Acc, the preposition meaning 'at' will be в+Prep, and the preposition meaning 'from' will be из+Gen. The following nouns, however, require на+Acc or +Prep for the meanings 'to' and 'at' and с+Gen for the meaning 'from'.

The word for 'post office'
почтана почтуна почтес почты
Words referring to stations
вокзал на вокзална вокзалес вокзала
аэропортна аэропорт на аэропортес аэропорта
Words referring to factories
завод на завод на заводе с завода
фабрика на фабрику на фабрике с фабрики
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