Notes on Using the On-line Russian Grammar

How to Get Framed Again. If you left the framed version of the Bucknell Russian Studies homepage when you entered the Russian reference grammar, you will notice that you are now in another instance of your browser. If you wish to return to the framed version of the Bucknell Russian Studies site, simply close this browser and you will automatically return to the Bucknell frames.

Self-Generating Words. The moving examples in this site may be controlled by placing your cursor on the scroll bar to the right and holding down the right button of your mouse if your are using an IBM platform and Netscape Navigator as we recommend. The animated gif file will halt when it reaches the end of the animation. When you release the mouse button, the animation will go through another cycle and, if you press the button again, halt when it reaches the end.

Printing. Before printing these pages, check under File/Page Setup on Netscape and make sure that the box beside 'Black Text' is checked. When you print these pages, the self-generating words will appear as underlying stem+ending rather than the fully derived word. That is, after all, why electronic format is preferable.

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