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contains a growing number of news resources which provide up-to-date information on Russia and the NIS nations. If you can't find what you are looking for on this page, try the Mayak press list or the journals list of Friends and Partners. The most important media enterprises are linked to this page. If we missed anything, please let us know.

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World Radio Network!Direct from Moscow, the Voice of Russia World Service news is now available via Real Audio, the sound system that does not require downloading -- simply click and listen. News is available in Russian and English.

Die Deutsch Welle Russian page also has Russian-language RealAudio programs.

In Russia, two Moscow radio stations are now on-line. The more popular station is 106.8 FM. Live from Moscow, 106.8 FM plays a variety of new age music 24 hours a day. But Echo of Moscow was the first independent radio in Russia, now broadcasting since 1990. Modern Radio, is a modern rock station in St. Petersburg.

In the US, Polish radio of Chicago offers two Russian programs: New Russian Horizons and Russian New Life. Of course, Radio Liberty and Voice of America have Russian-language broadcasts; well, now you can listen to them on the Web at 3:00, 8:00 and 18:00 hours. But I'll bet you didn't know that Radio Sweden has a Russian page which broadcasts news at 15:00 hours.

The Canadian Broadcasting Company The CBC also provides the daily news in Russian, Ukrainian, and several other languages via Real Audio. Click the icon at the bottom of the list on the left.

The authoratative list of on-line Russian news broadcasts is available from the University of Wisconsin library's Polyglot server. Click "R" if you do not see the Russian listings when you arrive.

Russian TV in America by Edward Samsonov itemizes the Russian-language TV programming available by satellite in North America. His site includes links to the major Russian channels, e.g. ORT-1 and WRC. Russia Today also offers a short program of video news in English.


Argumenty i fakty!

The most widely read newspaper in Russia, Argumenty i Fakty, coming to you from the provinces. Currently you may choose between the Far Eastern AiF of Vladivostok and the Ural AiF of Ekaterinburg. In 1990 AiF made the Guinness book of records as the newspaper with the largest circulation in the world.

Cable News Network carries many news items about Russia and the NIS. Currently, CNN is running a special on the Cold War. Turner Learning provides educator's guide of the project.


The other Russian news agency is now on-line with daily news and special reports. Interfax provides general news, industry news, editorials and special reports. Subscription information is included.


The granddaddy of them all, Izvestia was formerly the newspaper of the Russian government. Even though it is now privately run, it remains the best source of political news in Russia. Subscription information will be provided if you press "cancel". Other Russia On-line newspapers and magazines may be found here.


ITAR-TASS Express is now online with a site beautifully laid out in HTML frames. ITAR-TASS is one of Russia's two major news wire services, so it is a rich source of information. Each day's national and international news comes with color photos and your horoscope in Russian. Unfortunately, this site is available only in Windows 1251 fonts, the standard Cyrillic font layout in Windows 95 multilanguage support. It is definitely worth the trouble of finding a PC with Windows.

Jamestown Foundation

Jamestown Monitor, Prism and Fortnight in Review are three major news souces on Russia. This site provides information on how to subscribe to the fax and listserv services. It also servers as an electronic archive for issues going back to 1996.

Novaya Sibir'

This is a news service by the Novosibirsk Press, even though it comes from the University of New Hampshire. It deals primarily with the news in the Novosibirsk region but also carries news about Siberia in general. It is entirely in Russian and requires KOI8 proportional fonts.

The Independent News

Russia's genuinely outstanding independent daily newspaper now has an internet site. Nezavisimaya gazeta has long been a thorn in the side of the Russian government. Keep an eye on it for truly independent views on Russia. Get the news from NG's new site here. The first page is available in Russian and requires KOI8 fonts. An electronic subscription to the whole paper is available at the site.

What wonderful Times!

The leading English-language newspaper in Moscow, this daily provides detailed political, economic, sports, art and other news. It also carries personal ads and job notices. A good place to look for a job in Moscow or list your qualifications.

RFE/RL logo Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty now offers its news stories and analyses on-line. The news pertains not only to Russia and the NIS but to Eastern and Central Europe in general. RFE/RL Newsline is a daily news report from Russia available at the site or via the Newsline listserv. The site now has a search engine for back issues. Back issues are held in a searchable archive at 'Friends and Partners'. RFE/RL also provides 24 hour RealAudio radio broadcasts from East Europe including 6 hours of Russian language broadcasts. This site all provides news analyses, press reviews, and special reports on important news events.

Russia Today is a variation of 'USA Today' focussed on Russia. It is updated every 2-3 days so that you get more than shot at the news. Hypertext articles cover every aspect of Russian and NIS life including politics, economics, eduation, sports, television. In its resources pages you can find biographies of political leaders, descriptions of the political parties, and other political information. Now with a five-minute VIDEO telecast for those with a Real Video plug-in. A daily requirement.

The Russian Institute for Public Networks

This site contains information on Russian legislation dealing with the media as well as news items on other topics pertaining to the press in Russia.

The St Petersburg Times

The St Petersburg Times was founded in May 1993 and is owned by the Russian-Australian-American joint venture Cornerstone. It is a weekly English language newspaper with a print run of 15,000 copies. Its founders include Lloyd Donaldson, Grisha Kunis, and Jim Vierengel, the Managing Editor, Marketing Manager, and American reprensenative, respectively.

Vladivostok News

The only news in English from the Primorski Kraj. Mostly business updates but there is a section on 'Vladivostok Life'.

Journals and Magazines


Literaturka is Russia's leading newpaper for the intelligentsia. The current and some back issues are available along with information on subscribing by mail. Currently the on-line version is free of charge.


Ogonek was originally published by Pravda. With the emergence of Glasnost, however, it became one of the most out-spoken critics of the past and strongest advocates of the reforms. Now, according to the editor, Lev Gushchin, it plans to outmaneuvre the competition by connecting to the internet--without any thought of profit. This is an outstanding source of both news and opinion on Russia. In Russian; requires KOI8 or other Cyrillic font.

The Russian Channel

Although it prefers satire, this on-line magazine is also source of cultural news which falls through the cracks of regular news resources. It is always a lot of intellectually stimulating fun.

Russian Life!

Russian Life is an English-language magazine of Russian history, culture, and contemporary life now published in Vermont. Recent articles cover education, divorce, music, and women's issues.

Russian Thought

Thought pieces on various other aspects of Russian society. Russkaya mysl' covers political and economic issues as well as cultural ones. Entirely in Russian; requires KOI8 fonts.

The Russian Magazine

This is a new magazine focussing on Eastern Siberia and the Primorski krai around Vladivostok. Articles on the region and history are featured in the first two issues.

World around Baikal

This magazine is about the beauty of Baikal, nature protection organisations, and international governmental and civil initiatives. It highlights the issues of legislation, the development of tourism, and the unique spiritual culture of peoples inhabiting the Baikal region.

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