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Bettner, Jensen & Zappe, Inc.




William D. Adams
President; Bucknell University
Mark S. Bettner
David E. Jensen
Christopher J. Zappe
Senior Partners; Bettner, Jensen & Zappe, Inc.
Request for decrease in class hours per week
March 11, 1997

In response to a recent study of higher education nationwide, Bettner, Jensen & Zappe, Inc. has completed extensive testing to determine how the information retention rates of students can be increased at Bucknell University. Results indicate that it would more effectively serve Bucknell students' academic needs if the average length of each class were reduced from three hours/week, to two, thus allowing for more recreational time on the part of the professors.

As illustrated in Attachment 1, it can be seen that there is a direct correlation between the amount of recreational time enjoyed by professors, and the retention rates of their pupils. The only exception found would be the Accounting majors, who seem to retain all information, regardless. It is believed this relationship exists because a well rested, and physically adept professor is better able to convey difficult topics whereas a lack of physical activity tends to hamper this pedagogical success.

Having established the importance of outside recreation as it pertains to Bucknell's academic mission, Bettner, Jensen & Zappe, Inc. believes the most feasible solution would be to shorten each class period by one hour/week. There is no sound, rational basis for this assertion, nor is there a logical method through which this conclusion was discovered. It just seems like a nice idea.

The physical education is an integral part of a student's higher education, and is often overlooked. Remember, we can't all be athletes; but we can be athletic supporters.

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