Linguistics One One Oh, what a course!

Dialect Recognition Exercise
PART 1 (No credit, just practice) From the list in the frame on the left select the correct dialect regions where the sentences in the table below might be spoken and enter the appropriate numbers in the corresponding boxes on the left. Next push the buttons and see if you selected the correct region. Don't push the button before writing a number in the box to the left or your computer will explode!
PART 2 (Homework credit) Translate and transliterate the sentences themselves into standard US English using US (or British) English spelling conventions. You may substitute standard vocabulary items for dialectal variants where appropriate. Bring the translations with you to class either Monday or Wednesday or send them to me now by email by clicking here for homework credit

[m md tk d fojst kb i sw]

[aj bat m lst k in nju jk]

[hu bu hawgd dt dawg ovr jandr o bab]

[huz bin it frwzn strowbriz m]

[ma fa lvd wawd mow n dd m m]

[mi ll lajdil bi on tjm wf ll b lk]

[jnz mst wer jur gmz f t gfs mϓ ren]

[dd jy g gyd lyk wi brn ovr r]

[ts rj njs ll f iz ga donj fik]

[d msz pt pojpl kojnz n d trlt]

[aj bt i gts t bd bt lajt]

[ajv nju bwt ju rijl mst si]