Who was doing research in the summer of 2008?

Eric Lynch ('10) conducted field work in Montana this summer. Eric excavated Cretaceous dinosaur fossils in collaboration with vertebrate paleontologists from the Museum of the Rockies (Montana State University). Eric worked with Dr. Jack Horner, science advisor for the film Jurassic Park. Eric's travel was funded partly by the Bucknell Geology Department Marchand Fund.



Dan Hubacz ('09) spent the summer working in the lower Susquehanna River Gorge near Holtwood, Pennsylavnia. Dan located high-level slackwater sediments deposited by early Holocene and Pleistocene paleofloods and will be working on determining the discharge and possibly an estimate of the number of paleofloods recorded on the bedrock islands. Craig Kochel is Dan's advisor. Assisting Dan in the field from time to time were Christine Kassab ('08) and Calvin Manning ('09). Funding was provided by the Bucknell Program for Undergraduate Research and the Geological Society of America.


Molly Pritz ('10) worked with Brent Shipe (Chem. Eng. '10) to complete a research project this summer examining the flow rates of large Shamokin-area mine discharges as well as working at two passive mine drainage treatment systems. Dr. Carl Kirby is Molly's advisor. Funding was provided by the Katherine Mabis McKenna Foundation


Ed Bauer ('09) and Cullen Kortyna ('11) conducted sedimentological field work in the Talkeetna Mountains, southern Alaska. Their mapping and measured stratigraphic sections permit reconstruction of Eocene paleoenvironments and improved contraints on the displacement history of the Castle Mountain fault system. Funding was provided by the Bucknell Program for Undergraduate research.



Christine Kassab ('08) completed the six-week Indiana University field camp in Montana, mapping geologic features from the Black Hills to Glacier National Park.